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Tuckerman on the Campaign Trail

Tuckerman on the Campaign Trail

In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, we’re in the midst of full-blown Political Season, with candidates for both parties jockeying for position heading into the caucuses next week.

Team Tuckerman has been more focused on making shirts than monitoring the polls, but we’re not completely oblivious to the heated races going on around us. In fact, we’ve received several dispatches from the campaign trail, where Tuckerman shirts have been making a few noteworthy appearances.

With supporters firmly in the Tuckerman camp, perhaps the candidates themselves will take notice of the ever-present green cross-stitch and leap at the chance to support a made-in-New-England label?

Unfortunately for Secretary Clinton our women’s shirts are still in the works, but in the meantime perhaps Bill could use a wardrobe upgrade?


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