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Green Your Laundry

Green Your Laundry

One-quarter of clothes’ carbon footprint comes from how we care for them. That’s good news because not only can proper care make our clothes last longer (and look sharper!), but it can also reduce their overall environmental impact. Here are some tips to make a difference:

  1. Only wash when needed: The easiest thing to do is wash only when necessary—you’ll minimize wear-and-tear on your clothes while conserving water and energy.
  2. Use mild laundry soap: Not only is it gentler on your clothes, but a non-toxic biodegradable type like Seventh Generation’s, is also better for the environment.
  3. Skip the dryer: Line drying is not only great for the longevity of your clothes, but it also saves energy in the process.
  4. Use cold water: Just by switching to cold water, you can reduce the energy used to wash your clothes by up to 90 percent.
  5. Steam instead of iron: Steaming not only saves energy, but it also keeps clothes fresh longer.
  6. Green dry clean: Avoid dry cleaners that use perc, a known carcinogen, and opt for a green dry cleaner instead. It’s better for you and the planet.

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