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Introducing The Fall Collection

Introducing The Fall Collection

These shirts are named after four people who have made a difference in the lives of others. Thank you to these inspiring individuals , those who nominated them, and all of those who submitted nominations.

The Hoagy Check

The Hoagy is named after a celebrated craftsman of bamboo fly fishing rods, Hoagy B. Carmichael. Hoagy coauthored six books that preserve the history of the sport and bring to life some of its most talented personalities. He is an avid collector, appraiser, conservationist, and speaker. In the words of his father, famed jazz musician Hoagy Carmichael, you can often find him up a lazy river.

The Kelly Check

The Kelly is named for Peter G. Kelly, a Connecticut native engaged in politics, business, and well-being from the local to the international level. Kelly worked to make healthcare more accessible statewide through several innovations, and has served in several capacities in DC on issues from public affairs to preservation of the arts.

The Fitzgerald Check

The Fitzgerald is named for a staple of New Haven. Fitzgerald’s genuine love of New Haven was apparent in everything from working in New Haven to attending as many Yale Bulldog football games as possible, even when the team was performing poorly. Fitzgerald also raised four amazing sons with his wife of 46 years and collected a wonderful group of friends.

The Trent Check

The Trent is named for a leading consumer protection and environmental lawyer in sunny California. Trent is a legal superhero, protecting our environment and our food chain from bad guys, helping the good guys comply with California's strict regulations to stay on the straight and narrow, and being a great advocate for tolerance and advancement of LGBT issues in the legal profession.

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