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Dispatch from the Factory Floor

Dispatch from the Factory Floor

This update comes amidst the hum of sewing machines and fabric cutters from the factory floor!

Last week our Italian fabric landed safely and soundly in Boston, and once it cleared customs was promptly whisked down to Fall River. Of course we couldn’t wait to get to the factory ourselves to take a look and to get production rolling. So off we went!

It was thrilling to see our organic cotton fabric under a “Tuckerman” sign, waiting to be cut and sewn into shirts.

We spent the day finalizing details of the production run with our factory, and are excited about how all of the details have come together on our final sample shirts.

The factory started cutting last week and the fabric will be moving down to the sewing floor any day now. The shirts are slated to be finished by the first week in May and we can’t wait to send them off to our Kickstarter backers and offer them for sale directly on our website.

In the meantime, we’ll be sharing lots of photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so follow us for the latest updates.

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